My life is a game

Hey there,

it has been a while. And in these two years that have past a lot has changed. I study in English now and I have made so many friends from all over the world that I almost started to think in English. In the time that I stopped writing on this blog it started to itch so many times that I just wanted to start again, but I didn’t really know how, and about what I could write.

But recently I started a new thing, and I call it: My life is a game.

I always have been quite a geek. I love to play video games with my guy friends in my spare time, but I also like more social activities.So, I decided to mix it up, I decided to ‘gamify’ my life. I have to do quests (that are mostly made up by my friends) for experience points (XP). And I need 2000XP to advance from level 1 to level 2. I need a bit more to get from level 2 to 3. And so on.

All the practical stuff aside, the quest I am supposed to do are pretty fun. They are mostly like bucketlist items, but also simpeler quests. For example repeatable quests to create a new habit. I still have to think of a reward for when I level up, but for the first couple of levels I will probably give myself a small treat. Through this blog I wanted to start writing again, but I also wanted to report on the progress in my game, and share all the cool stuff that I did. I also want to create video’s of my progress, which I will also post here.

So follow me if you are interested in my game!



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